July 21, 2013

WorldAlpha Story - 4. Mindplay

Delph Silva, among AlphaOne's most influential and wealthy, is infatuated with the possibility of First Officer Kirsten Simmer becoming a Tyc like himself. His challenge lies in drawing her away from the Rankers, Mercs whose influence, though not monetary, will have great sway in the formation of... Read More
July 21, 2013

Day 917 to Day 937: Launch Date, Reflection and the Story Continues

Well, in just over a week, WorldAlpha will finally be launched on Tuesday, July 30th at 10am. With our IndieGoGo and Founder's Pack supporters first chance to see it with our Early Launch on Friday July 26th. Read More


Ambitious & Highly Anticipated Social Strategy MMORTS 'WorldAlpha' Pending Immediate Launch!

IndieGoGo & Founder's Pack Supporters Granted Early Pre-Launch Access!


Milton, July 24th 2013: Independent games developer "Big more.


Create a business empire by producing over 230 different products from raw materials to mansions. Hire employees, schedule production, buy and sell your goods in a player-driven economy.

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Join your city or country military, and working your way up the ranks from soldier, to crew commander, to unit officer, and the your country's High Command.

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Become the Head of Government for your city or country, and engage in diplomacy with leaders of the other countries of WorldAlpha.

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